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We offer fresh and delicious meals for corporate events in the downtown Bridgeport area. From casual meetings to formal business events, our selection of menu items is sure to please all types of palettes.

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Leisha’s makes amazing bread baskets filled with beautifully arranged veggies for your special occasion or as a knock-your-socks-off gift. Bundt cakes are another speciality – unique and delicious! Cupcakes, cookies, and other crazy delicious goodies are just a phone call or email away!

Veggie Basket $75.00
Bundt Cake $20.00
2-Layer Cake $20.00
Fruit Bowl $30.00 / arrangement
Cupcakes $2.29
Pies $8.00
Banana Loaf $8.00
Artisan Bread $8.00
Make Your Own Basket $40.00 +